past life regression & subconscious healing

Click the above to know what is healing and which deceases can be healed through this process. Healing will be done instantly and it will be automated daily until client recover from that.


I am a certified QHHT practitioner from Quantum Healing Hypnosis Acadamy, get trained from Dolores cannon & team directly. I am doing a successful qhht sessions in the languages English & Telugu.  In the session I am a guide to connect your subconscious with you. You will go the appropriate past lives which are having connection to this present life problems. These past lives will be shown to you by your subconscious. Your subconscious knows which is the most appropriate at that point of time to show you. And after the past life regression I will establish a direct access and talk with your subconscious. This is the major important part of the qhht session. In this part you will get answers to all your questions and divine guidance from you subconscious . Your subconscious may tell you the reason why did you get that decease and will do the healing to you instantly. SC may give some suggestions to you to continue the healing if needed.  Some times SC will suggest some diet or how many days you need to follow the medication after the healing and all. After taking the QHHT sessions always clients are saying it is an extra ordinary experience.

​Take an appointment at least 5 days before and schedule the session. You need to come to Hyderabad or Delhi or Vizag to take a session. Session will be conducted in English & Telugu onlly.

​​Ravikanth Sahukari

Subconscious Healing
About Qhht

Different kinds of people with different age groups were taken the sessions. Students to doctors, ladies & gents. Any one can take the session. You can see the testimonials here.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique process of hypnosis for past life regression, access to your subconscious to find answers for your questions and healing.

QHHT Past Life Regression